There’s a path to migration without the pain.

Fortunately, there is a seamless way to transition from your end-of-life Windows Mobile devices to the latest in Android OS capabilities without risking your business. Lowry Solutions is a Premier Partner with decades of mobility experience. We offer the strongest portfolio of enterprise-ready Android devices on the market, available today.

To help you find a seamless path to OS migration, Lowry offers:

  1. A team of experts who have tested, validated, and proved our approach to OS migration.
  2. A promise that from initial modernization assessment to final sign-off, we study each legacy application and the best course of action for that specific code
  3. A path to accelerated modernization and proprietary solutions for terminal and compact applications that transforms risk mitigation into a business advantage.

Watch On Demeand, our webinar on OS Migration to gain valuable tips on how to develop a strategy and take the pain out of migration to ensure the safety of your mobile devices from 2020 and beyond

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