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Track All Your Medical Equipment with Lowry's Clinical Asset Tracking System

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Misplaced clinical assets can cost up to $2 million dollars in replacements, servicing, and fines. Nevertheless, clinical devices play a crucial role in efficient healthcare. From ensuring patient security to transmitting lifesaving information, clinical mobile technology has become a cornerstone in quality care.

How much money are you spending on tracking medical assets?

  • $2 Million on average for Clinical Assets
  • $160,000 in Maintenance Costs
  • $350,000 in New Purchases

Unlock Hospital Efficiency with Lowry Solutions

Enhance patient safety and identification when you boost device availability with
Lowry Solutions clinical asset tracking system, leveraging Sonaria’s Mobile Clinical
Assets Visibility software.

Lower operational costs using the latest RFID technology and unmatched support from the leading experts in visibility solutions.

Providing specialized locationing solutions to fit over 10,000 clients, Lowry creates seamless and dependable systems designed to adapt to your needs. Contact us today for more information and a free demonstration of CATS efficient tracking platform in your workflow.

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